iOS Applications

Create Your First iOS Application

Let's Get Started Creating your first iOS app can be difficult if your new to the subject. Follow this tutorial to create a basic “Hello World” application. Difficulty: Easy What you will need: Xcode (Any Version) 1. Setup Project Open up Xcode and you will be greeted with several different application types you can choose…
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4th December 2017 0

New game – Inbound

New Game? Yes that’s right, we are releasing an innovative new game which you will be able to play with your friends. We have decided to try something different, therefore we designed and developed a Multiplayer FPS. We have designed Inbound for PC gaming, so we will sell the game on the Mac Store and our website:…
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16th October 2017 0

We are EncodedApps

What is EncodedApps? EncodedApps is a game and app developing business. As a result of doing what they enjoy, this business was created by two aspiring teenagers Our Games and Apps are created by Owen Moore. He is experienced in over 7 programming languages from Swift, React JS, Objective-C to Python and C#. Owen Moore…
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12th October 2017 0