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12th October 2017 Blog 0

What is EncodedApps?

EncodedApps is a game and app developing business. As a result of doing what they enjoy, this business was created by two aspiring teenagers

Our Games and Apps are created by Owen Moore. He is experienced in over 7 programming languages from Swift, React JS, Objective-C to Python and C#. Owen Moore has been coding since 2014. Since then, Owen spends time doing what he enjoys to create innovative mobile games and apps.

Our social media accounts are run by Owen Nash who is an aspiring Digital Marketer that is keen to have a large impact on the world through Marketing. Furthermore you can find our social media accounts/pages below.




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What does EncodedApps do?

EncodedApps is a business that produces games and apps for Iphones and Ipads. Currently we are working on a new pc game so we can try and reach a new market for games.

We aim to create an innovative product that people will enjoy to play/use.  To date we have designed and created 4 mobile games and two mobile apps. You can read more about these on our website.



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