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New game – Inbound

16th October 2017 Blog 0

New Game?

Yes that’s right, we are releasing an innovative new game which you will be able to play with your friends. We have decided to try something different, therefore we designed and developed a Multiplayer FPS. We have designed Inbound for PC gaming, so we will sell the game on the Mac Store and our website: https://inbound.owenmooreapps.co.uk/


Why did we decide to create a multiplayer FPS?

After the release of ‘Speck’ and ‘Zombie Invasion’ we sat down and had a think about new ideas. After brainstorming some ideas we came to the conclusion of creating a multiplayer game so that friends can play together. From there we decided to do a first person shooter so that players can compete with their friends.

From this simple idea we started to develop the game scenery and assets. However as we entered testing stage we noticed a problem. Phones and tablets couldn’t cope with the graphics of the game meaning that a new approach needed to be considered. Therefore we came to the decision of designing the game for PC’s, which was perfect as the high performing CPU’s could cope with the graphics of the game causing the gameplay to be smooth. From then onwards we continued to develop the game, which has led to the finished product being ready to a high standard.


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