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Create Your First iOS Application

4th December 2017 Tutorials 0

Let's Get Started

Creating your first iOS app can be difficult if your new to the subject. Follow this tutorial to create a basic "Hello World" application.


What you will need:
Xcode (Any Version)

1. Setup Project
Open up Xcode and you will be greeted with several different application types you can choose from. Select 'Single View Application' and hit Next.

Single View Application

2. Find Our File
On the left hand side bar, click on the file that says 'ViewController.swift' this file allows us to code User Interface elements or in our case print a statement to the debugger.


3. Code!
In our file you will see a bunch of code, delete all the code besides the 'import Foundation' and type the code below:

 print("Hello World") 

4. Run
This code when we hit the run at the top of our window, will output text which says "Hello World" in the debugger. Voila, you have successfully created your first iOS app!

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Hello World

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