Tap to carefully guide the ball between the obstacles, but be careful, touch the floor or roof and you’ll have to start over again.

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Zombie Invasion

Help save the world in a game where the fate is in your hands. Battle zombies to see if you have what it takes to save the world.

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Smart Fitness

Smart Fitness is a brilliant way of helping you to workout with many inbuilt features. Superphens Tech Blog gave it a 5* rating!

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Speck is an addictive game that invites users to take on the challenge of beating a high score of one-hundred. Guiding the ball through an endless scroller of obstacles to beat your last high score. Speck has been featured in the Nuneaton News, Newspaper. The biggest success yet has been, being featured on the App Store as “New”, along side huge games such as Geometry Dash World. As expected this lead to a huge spike in downloads, averaging around 100 downloads a day, which meant to this day Speck has been downloaded well over 1.5K times on unique devices across four contintents and serveral different countries. Speck hit at peak NO. 7 on the App Store sub catagories. Created by Owen Moore and Owen Nash. You can download Speck for Free on an iOS device by clicking the button below.

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Zombie Invasion

Zombie Invasion is again another scroller, in which users fight their way through the levels by shooting zombies and using objects to survive. The app had a huge amount of downloads in the first few days accumulating over 100+ downloads. Zombie Invasion allows users to collect in-game currency (Health Packs) to spend on new characters. Furthermore, many characters have extra features such as more lives. Alternatively users can purchase in-game currency for real money to speed ahead of their friends. Most of all, users can compete against each other via the leaderboards. You can download Zombie Invasion for Free on an iOS device by clicking the button below.

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App Break Down

Smart Fitness

Smart Fitness as the title claims is a fitness app, aiming to provide a personal workout exerperience by monitoring your exercise habits to show you exercises you may like. This provides a very clean user experience with seamless animations.


The app makes use of the HealthKit API Apple provide in order to sync and exchange data between our app and the Health App.

Custom Workout Creation

A feature that many users will pay for in an iOS workout app, is here for free. Users can select from many different exercises to create their perfect workout.

Rated 5 Stars by Superphens Tech Blog

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Daily Workout

Daily workouts are generated based on what the user may like, with a feature such as this places the Smart Fitness on a more personal level.

Smart Dashboard

The Smart Dashboard shows users data such as Steps and Distance (MI). This data is collected throught the users day and presented in a beautiful way.

Technologies We Use

These are just a few of the many powerful technologies we incorporate into our Apps and Games. Using these to enhance our apps and create a better user experience.

Our Machines

We use an iMac 21.5 inch and a MacBook Air 13 inch. We use these devices as not only are they powerful, tasks such as compiling projects are super quick!

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Xcode – IDE

Xcode is an Intergrated Development Environment that we use, it’s extremely powerful and makes the hardest tasks such as Threading easy!

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HealthKit is an API provided by Apple. HealthKit provides access to the users health data upon their approval. With many possibilities, we incorporated this into our Smart Fitness App.

In-App Purchase

In-App Purchases can be dreded amongst users, however we make it a valuable experience. Incorporating it in ways which make is seemless, meaning users have an awesome exeperience.

The Team

App Development as many may already know, is a lengthy process taking lots of planning and hard work. Therefore App Development requires a great team.

Owen Moore

iOS Engineer

Experienced in over 7 programming languages from Swift, React JS, Objective-C to Python and C#. Turning Coffee into Code since 2014.

Owen Nash

Social Media Marketer

Gathering experience in Social Media Marketing, keen to have a large and possitive impact on the world. All through Social Media.


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